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Homemade foie gras terrine, grapes with Brive mustard wine and vegetables pickles — 19€

Stuffed courgette flower with goat cheese, focaccia and olive oil ice cream — 16€

Artichoke tartelette, rucola and bottarga — 16€

Tomatoes with creamy stracciatella with crostini — 16€

Homemade fish soup, local fishing — 15€

egg ″parfait″, ″chakchouka″ — 15€

Homemade smoked salmon, fennel and olive seeds and ″vinaigrette″ with ″Pastis de Nice″ — 17€

Uncooked tuna, lemony tomato dressing sauce, smoked fish roe — 18€

Traditional ″salade niçoise″, tuna mi-cuit — 17€

Stuffed vegetables like those my grandmother made — 15€

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The sea

Sole cooked «meunière», homemade mashed potatoes, capers and lemon — 34€

Roasted seabream, seasonal vegetables and seaweed white butter sauce — 28€

Grilled fish fillets in Marie’s style — 35€

Sea bass in crust, seasonal vegetables and seaweed white butter sauce — 30€

Lean fish in "bouillabaisse" style — 26€

Calamari in olive oil, artichokes, pepper coulis and aubergine caviar — 25€

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The earth

Grilled pork loin, homemade mashed potatoes and "charcutière" sauce — 26€

Roasted duckling fillet, einkorn risotto with parmigiano and homemade muesli — 24€

Roasted free range chicken from Contes, mashed potatoes, watercress and verbena — 25€

Uncooked beef tartare with homemade French fries — 18€

Beef stewed, Marie’s secret recipe, served with ravioli from La Maison Perrin — 20€

Beef fillet with pepper sauce or herbs butter, homemade French fries — 32€

Veal ribs, corn purée and BBQ sauce — 22€

La Maison de Marie • Viandes


Buckwheat linguine with bottarga and fresh lemon — 23€

Fresh trofie with cream and fresh truffle — 27€

Trofie with rabbit in whole grain mustard sauce, fresh sage — 19€

Linguine with clams, in white wine and olive oil — 23€

Penne in parmigiano cream, smoked Corsican ham and fresh basil — 16€

Homemade gnocchi with fresh "pistou" — 15€

Paccheri with courgette cream, ricotta and fresh lemon, courgette flower — 17€

Paccheri with homemade tomato sauce and straciatella — 16€

Penne with pistachio pesto, mortadella and burrata — 18€

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Net prices, service included, checks are not accepted. We inform our friendly customers about the possible presence of allergens in our preparations, we invite you to warn your server in case of allergy.

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Open everyday from 12:00 a.m. to 14:30 p.m and from 19:00 p.m to 22:30 p.m.

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